Edamame Yuzu, Amchur Cracker Salad (V)(NG)*

Edamame Yuzu, Amchur Cracker Salad (V)(NG)*

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A super sesame ginger dressed salad of carrot and khol rabi threads, mange tout, wakame, spring onions and rocket leaves dressed with smooth tangy edamame, basil, lime, wasabi yuzu cashew pesto, wasabi cashews , layered with hibiscus sauce, served with amchur salt dusted puffed rice seaweed sesame crackers.

Ingredients carrots, khol rabi, mange tout and rocket, wasabi cashews

Ingredients soya and sesame rice crackers glutinous rice, water, salt, tamari, sesame seeds, tamari braised wakame, mirin, amchur, hibiscus

Ingredients edamame pesto peeled edamame beans (soya), cashews, basil, grape seed oil, wasabi paste, water, lime juice, salt.

Ingredients sesame ginger dressing rice vinegar, tamari, garlic, cayenne pepper, sesame oil, sunflower oil, juiced ginger beer, salt, garlic.

Ingredients marinade sake, pink ginger juice, sesame oil, tamari, yuzu.

Ingredients hibiscus sauce dried hibiscus, water, lemon, lime skin, sugar
Cashew nuts, wasabi paste, sugar, salt, pepper.

*contains nuts